Startups are like Starting Up

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Every day I wake up with a sense of promise, something is about to happen like the beginning of a new romance.  Remember what that’s like?

It’s exciting and risky!

The first kiss sends you reeling, knowing, just knowing that it’s only the beginning. Terrified the next moment, because what if this is the last one.


The first party booking sends you reeling, knowing, just knowing that it’s only the beginning.  Terrified the next moment, because what if this is the last one.

Is this the beginning, or the beginning of the end?  Will I survive a failure?

So much promise, so much risk!  Can I? Will I? Should I? Am I worthy? Smart enough, Strong enough?

It would be easy to quit now, to enjoy the memory of “almost” but those skinny branches are beckoning. It’s climbing out on the skinny branches that provides us with a challenge and that feeling… that rush. I hear from somewhere outside myself; “try, trust, live, believe”.  The skinny branches will either bend or they will break, there is no way to know if you will be out there reaching for the stars or plummeting to the ground.

…But the ground is soft with the outstretched arms of your most ardent supporters, reaching out to catch you if you fall.  If you don’t try, you will always wonder and maybe, just maybe; you can navigate the skinny branches to find the bendy ones and stay away from the brittle.

Decision made! I just can’t ignore the “what if?” I’ll keep starting up, are you with me?

I’ll keep booking those parties, selling teambuilding events, date nights and mommy-and-me time. Whatever it takes!  I want to instill that sense of “what if” in every person that walks through my door.

We are all starting up a new year!  It is starting to pick up, here and there, new clients; new friends. We’ve added many new crafts and events to the calendar!  Getting geared up for a summer camp program and maybe some Pine Wood Derby action in the spring for the kiddos, date nights and exciting crafts for the taller humans.

We are still learning and wanting to grow, wanting to keep providing the therapeutic and uplifting feelings that naturally arise with crafts, art and fun.



You can all do this! You can make something with your own hands, you can envision, you can create; you can start something new.  I believe in you!


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