Perfectly Imperfect

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Each time I think we’ve made changes for the final time, I find out, again; that changes will always need to be made.  Change isn’t a bad thing, but an opportunity to do even better.  I constantly re-learn that there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

I am amazed with how the wonderful people in this community are willing to help and make suggestions. I couldn’t be where we are without the help of so many of you!  The excitement is contagious and your excitement is what keeps us going. Thank you for all your support, ideas and encouragement!  A special thank-you for all the family and friends that have taken the time and energy to help make DIY Studio the best it can be!

I have researched and learned much more about the impact that arts and crafts have on the human psyche. It is amazing to me that something so simple and fun can be so beneficial and in so many different areas of our lives.  Every day someone says to me “I don’t have a single crafty bone in my body”, or something like that.  It might be true that we don’t have crafty bones, but we have crafty brains.  Humans are innately crafty – we are designed that way for survival.

I have also been seeing and hearing the term “perfectly imperfect” quite often lately, there’s’ even that song about perfect imperfections.  I love that term.  I love it because that is what we all are. We are perfectly imperfect.  I too, find myself looking for imperfections in my crafts. Once I find them (usually several), I almost always decide that I like the imperfections.  It is the imperfections in art and in crafting that make each item unique and hand-made.  I like that I get to choose my own colors and patterns.  Sure, sometimes I like to purchase a machine made, or foreign made thingy because I like the look or the message, but more often, I enjoy the act of creating more than I care about the finished product and that in itself makes the finished piece mean even more in the end (plus it costs so much less!).

Creating and crafting allow the left and right hemispheres in our brain to connect and communicate that many activities do not.  Art therapy is used as a complement to mental health treatment for a variety of issues and to relieve stress. All this and it is FUN!

I hope to see y’all soon, come alone or bring your friends…. Let’s be perfectly imperfect together.


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