At DIY Studio we believe that everyone can and should create. On your own or with a group we'll help you unleash the creative spirit inside you. Be brave. Have fun. Make something.
  • Walk in between 1pm and 7pm Monday through Saturday. (We close at 9pm, but you will need up to 2 hours to complete your project.)
  • Choose your project. (Project options change from time to time, so you will always find something new to love.)
  • Work on your own or get as much help as you need to complete your amazing creation.
  • Note: Call ahead if you have a group or are looking for a specific project/item so that we can ensure your space and supplies.

Be Brave

Everyone is born with an innate drive to create. But at some point we all doubt our abilities. Thinking that somehow our creativity isn't "right". DIY Studio is a positive environment whose mission is to shatter that lie. You are creative!

Walk-In Studio

Have Fun

Beyond projects, crafts, and art pieces DIY Studio is a community. We hope that everyone that walks through our doors feels they are a part of something bigger. Book events for baby showers, bridal parties, and birthdays. Have fun bringing your friends and finding new ones.

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Come Make Something

The satisfaction and growth that comes from creating is priceless. DIY Studio has been built and organized to let you create. With tools and resources you can start a new project or finally finish that one you've been stuck on for years. Come make something!

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